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Where Did Summer Go?

16 September 2012

Not that we aren’t excited to embrace our next season!

We are moving quickly into our Fall Foliage Season. One of our busiest as we look forward welcoming back guests/friends as well as many new guests here to witness the amazing display of the annual turning of the leaves from green to gold, yellow and reds. The temperatures have finally begun to drop into a range expected – sunny and warm by mid-day and crisp and cool at night. No frost yet (as of 9/16/12) but we expect to see it soon. A welcome relief after an above normal temperature we experienced here in Stowe,
Vermont this summer.

There is already some chatter in town regarding predictions of how much snow will we see this winter! Various images of extended forecast weather maps on the internet have begun to circulate on Facebook and through the local e-mails and my favorite one shows two divergent jet streams coming together in southern New England with a bubble of “above normal snow” centered right smack dab over Vermont. Ok, I did not get the full source of this particular weather map but we certainly hope this prediction comes true.

Stowe Mountain Resort typically works towards a Thanksgiving Weekend opening! The countdown to skiing and all of our great winter activities has definitely begun here in Stowe, Vermont.

And as we look ahead to the Thanksgiving Season we realize the blessing and good fortune we have found here in Stowe as the latest Innkeepers/Stewards of the Brass Lantern Inn. December 16th will mark only the 3rd Anniversary of when we took ownership. In that relatively short time we have hosted guests from 39 of our United States and 24 countries. Sharing life stories with so many guests from around the world is truly the greatest perk of this “job.”

To let our past guests and potential guests know of our gratefulness with this amazing lifestyle we offer you a special “Thank You Discount.” More details are on our home page under the “make a reservation.” Once on that page click on the tab, “Discounts and packages.” You can save 35% off of your third consecutive night for stays completed between 10/28 and 12/4/12. This discounted rate is on top of our already quiet season rates!

We hope to see you soon!

Spring Into Summer

16 May 2012

Ok, of course we are going to say, “this time of year is a wonderful time to explore Vermont!” But it is absolutely true. And while it is also true that the weather can be a bit variable, these warm sunny days, cool evenings and a consistent series of showers are doing wonders for the grass and our flower and herb gardens. The Green Mountain State and Stowe is returning to the lush green we are known for.

As of mid-May we still have a few daffodils in bloom though they are becoming increasing crowded out by our perennial favorites, bee balm, cosmos and clematis. We are working on expanding our herb garden plot on the south side of the Inn just in time to add fresh herbs to our breakfast menu. We know that in most parts south of here your flora and fauna are already in early summer mode. Here, things are just a little more delayed – kind of like fine wine!

The skis have been safely tucked away until next winter, the bike tires are now re-inflated, and the golf clubs are out again. George has been out golfing several rounds already at the Stowe Country Club and can tell you that the greens are running fast and true, the fairways are firming up and the views from all over the course are still amazing. And don’t forget about the great hiking near the Brass Lantern Inn.

If you have never been to Vermont or never during this time of year consider our special “Spring into Summer Mid-Week Special” as our personal invitation to the Brass Lantern Inn:

Special Discount for all reservations made by Friday, June 14th, 2012 – Good for phone-in reservations AND online reservations from our reservations page!

Stay two nights between Sunday and Wednesday and receive a discount of 35% off of your third consecutive night stay. This offer is valid from May 6th through June 28th, 2012.

With this great offer you receive all of our exceptional amenities and services here at the Brass Lantern Inn including:
• Full “Vermont Fresh” Breakfast each morning
• Afternoon cookies and tea/lemonade enjoyed on our back porch or patio with spectacular views of Mt. Mansfield
• Indulge in our outdoor hot tub also with those views of Mt. Mansfield
• Free WiFi throughout the Inn

So, what are you waiting for…? Please feel free to call us or complete your reservation online. For online reservations go to our “reservation page” and click on “packages” and locate the “Spring into Summer Mid-Week Special.”We look forward to welcoming you to the beautiful Green Mountain State of Vermont!

This offer can not be combined with any previous or current offers/discounts and is not valid for stays in the Sugarloaf Mountain or Roundtop Mountain Rooms. No black out dates within the time period listed above, however, offer is pending availability.

Summer Rain Storms

30 August 2011

Recently, due to Hurricane, then Tropical Storm, Irene, Vermont has received a lot of air time on CNN, WeatherChannel and other round the clock “news” organizations. And if you watched much of it you would think all of us here in Vermont may need to pull the Ark out of the garage for the next 40 days or so. Not exactly the kind of exposure on the news that us in the travel and tourism industry like to work with. The Brass Lantern Inn as your Stowe Lodging choice is very much open and ready to welcome you.

The Green Mountain State of Vermont is overall in great shape. While there are some tragic conditions spread throughout the state (mostly in southern Vermont) we feel like we live in an oasis here in Stowe, Vermont. The extent of our damage at the Brass Lantern Inn – 1. One sunflower blown over – restaked with a bamboo pole left over in the garage and now the sunflower seems happy to be facing the sun again, 2. One wall planter/container blown off the wall and cracked, decided, or rather rationalized, that the new crack “adds some character to the container” so now back on the wall, 3. Small puddle of water inside the doorway to hot tub deck (door faces the typical wind direction), shop vacuum and dehumidifier and the situation is resolved. That is the full extent of the damage. Thank goodness and this rain helps keep our valleys and mountains green.

We very much appreciate the thoughts, concerns and prayers of many of our past guests and those yet to come. We know we “dodged a bullet” and want you all to know that we are ok, especially for our guests that are planning to be here in the next month or so and especially for our Signature Fall Foliage Season guests.

Please feel free to contact us if you still have questions, concerns or stories of how you survived Irene. We would love to post the stories on our Brass Lantern Inn Facebook page.

By the way, become a Friend of ours on Facebook, and drop us a comment on our Brass Lantern Inn Facebook Page regarding how you survived Irene OR something special regarding your own hometown and we will give you a 12% discount on a two night or more stay (offer expires 12/31, discount applies to all rooms except Roundtop Mtn. and Sugarloaf Mtn., not valid during holidays, special events or Fall Foliage). And of course in true Facebook fashion if you let your Friends know about this deal, everyone wins!

Thanks again everyone for your concerns. Beautiful day here, think I will go golfing.

Sunsets in Stowe, Vermont

19 July 2011

We are very fortunate to have some pretty amazing sunsets here in Stowe.  This past Sunday afternoon/evening, for example, Mary Anne and I attended the “Music in the Meadows” Concert Series at the Trapp Family Lodge Meadow.   What a beautiful venue to watch the day turn into night. 

With a generous glass (or two…) of Chardonnay, some Extra Sharp Cheddar Cabot Cheese, French bread with a little prosciutto, live music, in this case, from “Crooked Still” (folk/bluegrass “with a contemporary twist”) and wonderful weather, I found myself absorbed with the ever changing natural light of the background scenery and keeping only an ear on the great music.  It is amazing how quickly and dramatically the light changes the sense of depth and scale of the Sterling Mountain Range.  As any amateur photographer can easily attest, it is impossible to capture that sense with a photograph, no matter how fancy of a camera you may or may not have. Ok, and maybe that glass of Chardonnay had some effect as well…

At this concert we shared the evening with some good friends that happen to also be Innkeepers in this small New England town.  Like most people, our community of friends and neighbors  is also closely tied with our type of business and profession which in our current station in life happens to be Innkeeping.  We all have a feeling of deep appreciation for where we live and the opportunities we have at this point in our lives to participate in this lifestyle.

Last night, the sunset from our back porch was as dramatic as last night but without the live music.  Instead, we shared that moment of the sun slipping behind “the slumbering man” (Mt. Mansfield) with some wonderful guests from Boston as they played a rousing game of scrabble on a blanket stretched out on the floor.  The sun going down behind Mt. Mansfield, highlighted by streams of light through the distant thunderhead clouds, again memorable, but so very difficult to fully capture or permanently record.  Good thing we can see this event repeated many times over in a typical summer! 

Summer in Stowe, Vermont, filled with great memories….  Why not come on up to Stowe and create your own here at the Brass Lantern Inn?

Service, Please!

26 June 2011

Service, Please!

It appears that in this country, and the world for that matter, we seem to have lost the sense of what “service” stands for. I’m sure we can all share some horror story or two regarding air travel or trying to return some defective product to a store.

As Innkeepers our “product” can certainly be defined by our physical building and grounds. We work hard to provide a level of comfort and atmosphere in our Inn at a level we hope is above expectation. Service is also something that is expected to be part of the overall experience of a stay in a Bed and Breakfast. And it is the service “with a personal touch” that you will find in most Bed and Breakfast’s and one that we can promise you will find at the Brass Lantern Inn.

A couple of examples of the two extremes of Service –

The Bad –

Fourteen months ago I purchased a new yard tractor at a local store (affiliated with a huge, national chain of stores). On June 19th, while mowing our 1.5 acre yard, the tractor began to run very rough, as if it was ready to shut down. This rough running occurred whenever I engaged the mower deck. It seemed to run better, but not like new, when the mower deck was disengaged. That’s great, but I needed to mow the grass, not use it to pick up a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk at the corner store.

I called the number listed with the Two Year, Unlimited Warranty. By the fourth person on the line I felt like I had shared the symptoms of my problem sufficiently to at least have someone give me some idea of the severity of the issue and even offer a potential resolution. After confirming that yes, I am the owner, and no, I have not been abusing the machine, the service representative explained that the first chance that a repair person could be out to “look at the tractor” was July 23rd, a full 5 weeks away. And the service representative seemed to be telling me this with a straight face. I’m sure they were just following the corporate line on this kind of issue. I needed to speak with someone of a higher pay grade.

After more phone calls and here is the real motivator, posting my situation with blow by blow detail on this national chain’s Forum/Discussion Board the July 23 appointment was changed to June 25th. It is amazing how powerful the internet can be…

And, as anyone who has been in this situation could script – Repair person comes out this past Saturday, opens the hood of the tractor, listens to the rough running, pulls at a few wires and says, “yep, you need a new ‘coil’.” I then say, “great, do you have the part in your truck (with my fingers crossed?” Repair Person, “No, sorry, it is a ‘Special Part’ that we will have to ‘expedite’ delivery.” So of course I ask, “when do you anticipate delivery of the part.” “Well, my computer here says it will be, July 25….” Lovely, so what am I supposed to do with my yard for the next four weeks? I think I will see if a local farmer has some sheep that they could lend me.

In my book that is not service. That is meeting the absolute minimum of a warranty agreement. Period. Ultimately, this has left such a negative impression on me that I can promise you that I will do my best to never, ever purchase anything from the company ever again.

And for a positive example –

Our family had plans to go on a spring vacation to the Eastern Shore of Maryland, just outside of St. Michael’s in particular. Online, we saw a rental house listed through a local realtor that appeared to meet our needs; bedroom space for our immediate family and a dock for our sailboat. Deposit submitted, confirmation receipt from the Realtor and we began to packing for our vacation.

About two weeks prior to our planned arrival, we receive an e-mail from the Realtor, “sorry, the owner of the house can not honor the originally agreed reservation.” No explanation provided. I called the Realtor to discuss. Turns out that the owner of the house neglected to tell his wife about our reservation request (that included Easter Weekend) and they had plans for a family gathering there themselves.

The Realtor explained that he would do everything he could to provide us with a comparable house. He really was on it immediately. After a few options we were presented with a wonderful house (larger than our original reservation) and at no additional cost. It was most likely a better house in the end and the Realtor never discussed or presented any issues of additional payment due.

We had a great vacation as a result of great service. And if poor service warrants a review, then good service does as well. I posted our story on the rental web site to show others that this Realtor provided an excellent level of service. We sincerely hope that others that may be considering a stay through this agent see that service is a key component of their business model.

We hope to provide our guests with that “ah, this is just the getaway that we needed!” kind of experience. Given the chance we will show you our level of Service. And if you are still skeptical and you have a moment, check out what others have to say about our level of service on

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