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Summer Rain Storms

30 August 2011

Recently, due to Hurricane, then Tropical Storm, Irene, Vermont has received a lot of air time on CNN, WeatherChannel and other round the clock “news” organizations. And if you watched much of it you would think all of us here in Vermont may need to pull the Ark out of the garage for the next 40 days or so. Not exactly the kind of exposure on the news that us in the travel and tourism industry like to work with. The Brass Lantern Inn as your Stowe Lodging choice is very much open and ready to welcome you.

The Green Mountain State of Vermont is overall in great shape. While there are some tragic conditions spread throughout the state (mostly in southern Vermont) we feel like we live in an oasis here in Stowe, Vermont. The extent of our damage at the Brass Lantern Inn – 1. One sunflower blown over – restaked with a bamboo pole left over in the garage and now the sunflower seems happy to be facing the sun again, 2. One wall planter/container blown off the wall and cracked, decided, or rather rationalized, that the new crack “adds some character to the container” so now back on the wall, 3. Small puddle of water inside the doorway to hot tub deck (door faces the typical wind direction), shop vacuum and dehumidifier and the situation is resolved. That is the full extent of the damage. Thank goodness and this rain helps keep our valleys and mountains green.

We very much appreciate the thoughts, concerns and prayers of many of our past guests and those yet to come. We know we “dodged a bullet” and want you all to know that we are ok, especially for our guests that are planning to be here in the next month or so and especially for our Signature Fall Foliage Season guests.

Please feel free to contact us if you still have questions, concerns or stories of how you survived Irene. We would love to post the stories on our Brass Lantern Inn Facebook page.

By the way, become a Friend of ours on Facebook, and drop us a comment on our Brass Lantern Inn Facebook Page regarding how you survived Irene OR something special regarding your own hometown and we will give you a 12% discount on a two night or more stay (offer expires 12/31, discount applies to all rooms except Roundtop Mtn. and Sugarloaf Mtn., not valid during holidays, special events or Fall Foliage). And of course in true Facebook fashion if you let your Friends know about this deal, everyone wins!

Thanks again everyone for your concerns. Beautiful day here, think I will go golfing.

Welcome to the Brass Lantern Inn Blog!

16 June 2011

We are as excited today as that first day of ownership of the Brass Lantern Inn, back on December 16, 2009. Why is that? Well, our excitement is due to the launch of our new web site. As new owners we quickly became very aware of the treasures within this Inn and Stowe. Our old web site, however (and frankly speaking), treated these items more like hidden treasures.

We had also found (from reviews on TripAdvisor and others) that guests had posted comments such as, “We had no idea this Inn and Stowe was as beautiful as it really is.” Well, we hope that this new web site changes that perception.

We also are aware that “everyone has a blog” a “twitter” “FB” and whole host of ways to share and diseminate information. While not a writer by profession we hope that this site will keep you abreast of not only our Four Seasons (which really are 12 – one for each month) but special packages and yes, some discounts that we can offer throughout the year.

Thank you for considering a stay here at the Brass Lantern Inn!

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