Welcome to the Brass Lantern Inn Blog!

We are as excited today as that first day of ownership of the Brass Lantern Inn, back on December 16, 2009. Why is that? Well, our excitement is due to the launch of our new web site. As new owners we quickly became very aware of the treasures within this Inn and Stowe. Our old web site, however (and frankly speaking), treated these items more like hidden treasures.

We had also found (from reviews on TripAdvisor and others) that guests had posted comments such as, “We had no idea this Inn and Stowe was as beautiful as it really is.” Well, we hope that this new web site changes that perception.

We also are aware that “everyone has a blog” a “twitter” “FB” and whole host of ways to share and diseminate information. While not a writer by profession we hope that this site will keep you abreast of not only our Four Seasons (which really are 12 – one for each month) but special packages and yes, some discounts that we can offer throughout the year.

Thank you for considering a stay here at the Brass Lantern Inn!