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red wine and charcuterie board by fireplace

May 1, 2020


Looking for some diversion in these “ground hog kind of days”?  We certainly are and no, patching and painting walls and ceilings is just not much fun, especially several weeks into this quarantine, as I initially thought it would be…

We have a new offer and a game for you to engage with us while maintaining our recommended social distancing standards during this time.

We invite you to play along with a game we call; “Name that Room” 

Every Sunday evening (for awhile, anyway…), we will post on our Facebook and Instagram channels a photo vignette of some room within the Inn.  And yes, for some posts the photos may be considered even a bit smaller than a vignette of some piece or element, décor, etc. of a room in the Inn.  Oh, and to be clear, the photo vignette may not always be that from a Guest Room. A type of virtual scavenger  There at the Brass Lantern Inn that can be from anywhere in our historic farmhouse.

Wednesday afternoon after Sunday posting we will hold a raffle of all of the correct answers.  We will pick one from the hat for each post as the “winner.”

Follow along each week and search #namethatroomBLI on Instagram.

“Ok, Brass Lantern Inn, what do we win?”  

Good Question – The sole winner as selected from all correct answers receives a special offer for a future stay here at the Brass Lantern Inn!  Yeah, yeah, yeah, but what exactly would I win?


  • 15% off a future stay of two nights or more (see the not so fine print below for some qualifications)


  • Your choice of any of our following special add-on's to your stay:
    • 1/2 dozen Chocolate Covered Strawberries from Laughing Moon Chocolates
    • A pint of Vermont Maple Syrup from our friends Charles and Carol at Jacob Brooks Farm
    • 8 ounce block of Cabot Cheddar Cheese (plethora of choices)

A Where's Waldo kind of game -

Many of our guests have stayed in multiple rooms, multiple times, in different seasons, so, this should be easy right?  Maybe, maybe, not!  We can’t make it too easy or you would get bored with this as quickly as I have with painting the walls.

Others, we hope, had such a wonderfully memorable time for that single stay that they have a photographic memory of that experience and our Inn.  And perhaps you took some photos while here, both of your guest room and other spaces of the Inn?

And yet others, who have never had the opportunity to stay with us can, and here is the big clue, perhaps find plenty of clues within our website and FB/IG posts.  We have a full photo description of all guest rooms, most common areas, and a full gallery of photos on our website that you can peruse to assist you as you do a virtual scavenger hunt for our Name that Room game.

And a Grand Prize Winner Opportunity -

So what happens to those of us that just missed out on this deal?  Well, even better for you and for all entries; once a month or so we will collect the names of all entrants (correct and incorrect replies) for a special, super amazing offer of; one complimentary night for a two night or more stay! 

The not so fine print and rules for the game –

  • Only one submission/answer for each post from each player, though, nothing says you can't have friends, family submit entries to increase your odds!!
  • We reserve the right to change the rules at anything - You know, kind of like that sibling that did that when playing Monopoly?!  Who, me?
  • There will be an expiration date to the winning entry, typically 12 months or so out from the date of the FB/IG post
  • And some black out dates;
    • Holiday weekends/special events
    • 12/18 - 12/31
    • 9/10 - 10/20 

Notification of Winner -

We will make a special post on our Instagram/Facebook post with the winner’s name by that Thursday morning following the Sunday Post.  I know, sounds complicated, but, it really isn’t.  The winner will then need to e-mail or message us to then give us specifics on where to send the confirmed Gift Voucher!

Easy, right.  Ha, ha, ha, we shall see about that!

Stay safe, stay well,

Miss you all!

George and Mary Anne




bedside table in room at brass lantern inn


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